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TurningIdeas is an innovation lab based in Delhi and London.

Our Approach

Ideate, Innovate and Incubate Faster

Idea to Beta in 4 months

Our TurnIT approach is designed to rapidly build sustainable and scalable solutions fit for the fast changing world. We bring together a powerful collection of industry experts, investors, advisors, entrepreneurs, and talent. We co-create, collaborate and manage risks with you to build your vision into solutions that are pragmatic and smart.

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

Reid Hoffman

Our Portfolio

Everyone wants to invest in the next big idea. But our mantra is if the right solution is built at the right time, money will follow. Some ideas in our portfolio come from within our lab. Others come from the entrepreneurs we partner with. Either way, we are equally passionate about building smart companies. This portfolio includes some smart solutions we are excited to be part of

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About Us

We partner with you to accelerate your ideas into viable businesses by bringing together tailored team of experts in return of equity.

We do not operate like the traditional incubators, VCs or accelerators of the world. Our mantra is if the right solution is built at the right time, money will follow. Every year we work on selected innovative ideas in our Delhi and London innovation labs where we follow rigorous TurnIT approach to Ideate, Innovate and Incubate faster.

We validate your idea at the ‘TurnIT’-Ideate phase, where we help you filter through raw ideas, based on your unique skills. We also prevent you from wasting valuable time on the inevitable bad ideas. We evaluate the problem you are solving from a lot of viewpoints and don’t simply fall in love with the solution. At the TurnIT-Innovate phase, we help you design your solutions by optimising the right features, opportunities, functions and interactions to the idea that will address the scoped problem. We help create the roadmap that will bring your idea to market. As we move to TurnIT-Incubate phase, we focus on converting the solution features into actual minimum viable product that can demonstrate how is the problem being solved. We ensure that the right product is built for the right audience.

In our eyes, it is all about execution. We like to translate an idea to a minimum viable solution in 4 months. Depending on applicability of the solution and maturity of the industry, we pilot launch in India, UK or both. Once the pilot solution is tried with a set of customers, we deploy our cutting-edge network to secure investment for scaling the business. We are industry agnostic but only enjoy building game changing solutions which use applications of data science, artificial intelligence processes, new and emerging technologies to solve business problems. .

Team ti.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, domain experts and investors with diverse experiences, passions, and expertise. Together, we’re passionate about building smart companies.

Ashish Mittal

An ex-Googler, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. Technology geek with business acumen.

Ashish Mittal

ex-Tata, Booz & Co. Enthusiastic about technology driven social transformations. Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.

Sanghamitra Chakravarty
Andrew Seit

Competent strategist and astute problem-solver with strong decision-making skills.

Andrew Seit
Chief of Data Science
Arpit Mittal

Business consultant and Project Manager.

Arpit Mittal
Business Consultant

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"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep."

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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