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Are you looking for Next level growth for your business?

We empower ambitious businesses enable right choices for next level growth. Our solution is for business owners who feel they are not able to achieve right potential in their business in spite of proven capabilities in sales and delivery.

Why Business faces next level growth problems?

  • Growth comes with many choices and complexities, yet business fundamentals are driven across three choice areas customer, team and vendors/partners only.
  • We often miss fundamental questions related to them like
  • Who is my customer and what is he buying
  • How is my team aligned with my business goals
  • Am I a preferred choice of my vendors/partners
  • The answers may seem apparent but needs close examine seeing the competition, opportunity and growth.
  • CEO becomes (Comfort for Employees and Operations)
  • When operations and employees start relying on CEO for everything, growth starts to hamper as CEO gets engaged with day to day operations, leaving very little time for growth initiatives.
  • Data does Not Lead to Decision
  • People in the organization have and can prepare data on demand, many a times they generate MIS also but still wrong decisions happen in companies.

Ever wondered why it happens?

Our experience with companies reveal that majority of the time tasks and goals are mismatched hence data and decisions.

Business is Urgency Driven than planning driven

Our Next level growth program helps you

  • Identify Business Status from Next Level Growth Perspective
  • We help you identify business challenges, Opportunities in business, competitiveness of your offering and business
  • Define Strategic Priorities
  • Define critical business priorities which must be fixed in your business to bring next level growth
  • Enable Operations Priorities
  • Define what is missing on operations management to prevent you from scaling up
  • Suggest priorities to reduce dependency on the CEO
  • Achieve Action Plan
  • Enable and handhold action plan for each priority suggested along with accountabilities defined for team members.

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Idea Incubation

We help clients turn ideas into real business value with improved operations, connected products and services and entirely new business

Our clients are looking for new ideas, new products, and new systems at scale—and they want to build the capabilities to deliver on these, while creating a lasting competitive advantage in digital. We help them build tomorrow’s business today using our capabilities in strategy and technology.


Our Approach

We work closely with client and understand the areas of innovation needed and align whole process of incubation to cater it. Going Forward, we invite ideas within the organization and even look for compelling ideas outside to incubate for company.
With a strong hand holding support mechanism we help our clients identify the big idea and incubate it within their organization in a startup mode.

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Technology Due Diligence

In preparing for a merger or acquisition, technology and security due diligence helps you understand both companies’ technologies with a focus on getting the most out of the combined entity.
Technical due diligence provides insight into whether you can reasonably expect to see a synergistic effect— or whether a high-tech minefield awaits as the companies merge.
Technological grid

Why Is Technology and Security Due Diligence Important?

When approaching a merger, it’s critical to assess the details of how a company is run technically, how it is protected from a cybersecurity and privacy perspective, and what gaps may limit the success of product or technical integrations with another company.
You need to know which systems and capabilities are critical to realizing benefits, including web properties, enterprise software systems, information security, and CRM.

A technology due diligence delivers tangible value by

  • Helping the acquiring party understand what they are really getting in terms of IT.
  • Creating a roadmap to jump-start post-merger integration

How Can we help?

Partnering with an experienced technology architecture and integration firm early in the M&A lifecycle is critical.
Turning Ideas brings over three decades of enterprise architecture and data management expertise to our mission of helping you mitigate risk while providing a clearer picture of how you can maximize success in the future.

Our areas of application include

  • Data architecture
  • Cloud architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Network architecture
  • Security risks/architecture/processes
  • IT services/resources

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