Group of people in a workshop

Brainstorming Workshops

Closed Group discussions/ Workshops to discuss different aspects of the business problem being solved by the venture and possible solutions.

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Idea Validation and Refinement

Before spending plenty of money on developing a product and committing to months of exhaustive strategies it is worthwhile to validate and refine your idea both in terms of business problem and the proposed solution.

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Product discovery

Product Discovery & Development

We help you to build the best and most defensible company you can. This often means building products which use applications of new and emerging technologies to solve the hard problems.

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MVP Design and Development

Converting the product feature into actual minimum viable product that can demonstrate how is the problem being solved. We help startups with shared teams in product design and development

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A discussion about strategy and marketing

Go to Market Strategy

While you have the most amazing product but no idea has worth unless its sold. Hence our marketing and sales team help you define the right go-to-market strategy for your startup idea.

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Since 2009, we have built and invested in more deep tech startups than any other investor. We help startups with business plans that can help raise larger than average seed rounds on the best possible term sheet. We’ve built the world’s best investor network for founders which can be leveraged to raise capital.

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